Welcome to The Happy Coder

This is designed as a coding course that will introduce you to the basic for those who have never coded before. You cannot fail, you can only try. You will be coding before you even have a chance to say ‘I can’t do this’. This is a have a go course. It is free and plans to stay that way. The aim is to give you the skills to create wonderful works of digital art and/or simple games for people to enjoy. The beauty of this is that you can link it into a website for others to see, interact and play.

Learn to Code 

This is where to start if you have never done any coding before. It will give you an opportunity to see what coding is and how it works. It uses a very simple interface that requires no software to be downloaded and best of all it is completely free. You can save your work and show your friends.

Quick link to get started with code https://editor.p5js.org

If you are still a bit bewildered click here to read more about what coding is and why it is so important

There are three main common themes in coding:

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things


  • Easy to learn

  • For any age

  • Free software

  • Be creative

  • Make games

  • Digital art

  • From 8 to 80

  • Develop new skills

  • Career move

  • Challenging, yet fun

  • Can be very addictive

  • Learn at your own pace

  • No hard maths

The fear of AI

There is a lot of scaremongering about Artificial Intelligence, 5G and the Internet of Things. These technologies are powerful tools for good and can of course be abused. Make it your aim to use them for good, to benefit society or an individual. Compassion wins every time.

Don’t let the desire for money, power or influence drive you, be a blessing to others and everyone benefits

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Most popular coding languages (July 2019)

These are the current most popular coding languages. The list changes slightly every month and is based on use and discussion. TypeScript has moved up apparently. 

1. JavaScript

2. Java

3. Python

4. PHP

5. C++ (tie)

5. C# (tie)

7. CSS

8. Ruby

9. C

10. TypeScript

11. Swift

12. Objective-C

13. Scala

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