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Click on the image to download the pdf. The Curriculum will cover many modules, just a few are available at present. More on their way.

Module A: Learning to Code

Workbook 1 content

Getting started

Unit #1 Let’s get coding

Unit #2 Move Randomly

Unit #3 Keyboard & Mouse

Unit #4 Mapping Time

Unit #5 Translate & Rotate

Unit #6 Arrays

Workbook 2 content

Unit #7  Oscillate

Unit #8  3D shapes

Unit #9  3D Light & Colour

Unit #10 Bézier & The Vertex

Unit #11 Noise & HTML

Workbook 3 content

Unit #12 Objects

Unit #13 Classes

Unit #14 Constructor Functions

Unit #15 Fading Objects

Unit #16 Deleting Objects

Quick Taster

This is a quick taster to see if you want to do the longer course. You will get coding straight away and see what you could be doing. This is for anyone who literally wants to have a very quick go at coding. It is brief but plenty for you to get your teeth into. Just enjoy, you have nothing to lose.

Key Stage 3 Pupils’ Workbook

To be used in schools as part of their drive to encourage pupils to learn to code. This has been trialed at Harrogate Ladies College and with Duke of Edinburgh Award Digital Skills at Harrogate Library.

KS3 Curriculum Teacher’s Guide

A companion to the pupils’ workbook, gives some guidance and suggestions. To help deliver it in the classroom.