Project Crawler

Learning to crawl

After watching my first grandson learning to crawl I was intrigued as to how he (and any other child) learns how to first crawl and then walk. I watched him move his arms and legs on the carpet with the intention of reaching a particularly eye catching toy he wanted. I am sure that he had not notion exactly how to co-ordinate his arms and legs but with trying a combination of movements he would eventually work out through trial and error if he could move forward.

This got me thinking about machine learning and robotics. It would be a similar process for a simple robot to learn from scratch how to move forwards, if, say it had four legs controlled by servos and a distance sensor to monitor progress.

3D print from from Ez Arduino 8 DOF Quadruped Robot – MiniKame Mk2 by manic-3d-print May 3, 2018