5. Where to start then? …start here

This is the big question, with so many to chose from. If you have read this far then you might be forgiven for being a little more unsure than when you started. So I am going to make the decision for you and guide you through your very first steps in coding. 

To summarise what you will be covering in this section…

  1. Open your chrome browser (or safari, Firefox but not internet explorer/edge)
  2. Type this into the address box at the top editor.p5js.org
  3. Delete all the code that you can see to the left
  4. Type in the code I have given you in the grey boxes
  5. Press the play button (circle with a red triangle near the top)
  6. You should see a circle appear on the right
  7. If not check you have typed it in exactly as I have written it 
  8. Then go onto the next one
  9. You will be drawing circles and lines
  10. Colouring them in
  11. Moving them
  12. And other fancy things

This is meant as the briefest of tasters to give you some idea of what code might do and whether you want to continue learning more. 

so let’s get coding…

Type editor.p5js.org into the chrome web browser. 

[Chrome works, other browsers don’t or might not. You don’t need to download any software and you don’t need to sign up or login unless you want to save any of your work. You will get something like this…]

Delete the default code (on the left) that is already there and type in the code from the grey boxes in the rest of this booklet.

When you have finished typing the code in, click on the play button (the circle with the triangle in it) at the top [to stop what is happening just press the square button]

Try the challenges in bold italics or just play to see what effects you can create. Make interesting patterns with different shapes. For more information and examples visit my website at www.thehappycoder.org 

There are currently 3 books to help you develop your coding skills further, but for now have a go, let’s get coding.