So many people have asked me this question. Especially from parents whose children were attending the Code Club at Harrogate Library. To answer the question is not very easy. It is easier to show someone rather than try to describe it. That is why I wrote a curriculum for adults and started teaching it at Harrogate Library. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked so well and how keen the people were.

There is so much mystery surrounding it. You hear a lot about it on the news either as the future or as a dire warning that it will take over mankind, both in equal measure. But the question is what exactly is it. People usually say things like is it maths? Is it a Raspberry Pi and so on. Many words are linked to coding which doesn’t help to bring clarity unless of course you DO know what coding is and suddenly everything (to a large extent) makes sense. Coding has to understood in its context but before I go into any more detail in my next blog post I will give you an illustration (the first of many) to hopefully help you understand.

If you like magic tricks (and who doesn’t) the beauty is in the mystery. Trying to work out how it was done. My dad has run a magic club for many years before retiring and he constantly tries new tricks on me and sees if I can work it out. Usually I can’t. He then shows me how it is done. That is the disappointing bit. Nearly every trick is more simple than you could possibly imagine. You are spell bound and frustrated that you can’t work it out but once you know you only think ‘is that it!!’

In some ways it is similar to coding. Once you know what it is you wonder what all the fuss was about. Most people shy away from coding because there is so much mystery surrounding it. It looks incomprehensible. It looks hard. Yet you can code, it isn’t hard, it isn’t incomprehensible and it is fun. Once you take the plunge and have a go. That is why I have written the curriculum. It takes you one baby step at a time and before you know it you are off running.

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