Coding is a set of instructions like you would get if you were baking. You collect all the ingredients and then you follow a recipe. The recipe sets out the order that you do everything. The order matters. It is quite logical. This is also true of coding. You are telling the computer what you want it to do. It needs to be told what to do and in what order. Order matters. If you get the order wrong there is a good chance that you can’t recover the ingredients. In coding if you get the order wrong there is every chance to recover the ingredients.

And this is the beauty of learning to code. You can make mistakes. You are meant to make mistakes. It is the way you learn. In coding you will make mistakes, they may be very small, like forgetting to put the salt in the cooking. They may be small quantities but they can have a profound effect. You may have a hundred lines of code and if you miss a comma somewhere it can have a significant impact on what you are trying to achieve.

With baking you will make mistakes. You still learn by doing. Seeing how it turns out and adjusting the quantities accordingly or changing the process. There can be more than one way to make a cake and that is also true of coding. There usually isn’t one way of doing it and that is also another aspect that is appealing. You can personalise how you do your code. As with baking there are many sources and suggestions from people who have been baking a long time. There are so many books, online tutorials and websites, this also very true of coding (maybe more so). Just type in your problem into a search engine and you will find many examples of where others have had a similar problem and there is a solution for you.

So, happy coding…

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