Learning a new language can be daunting, I never mastered learning French at school. Learning to code is like learning a new language but with some very big important differences.

  1. It has a much smaller vocabulary. Whereas a natural language has a huge vocabulary, coding is far more limited and in reality you won’t need to learn all of it anyway, most of it you will never need. All you need is a couple of dozen words and you can do an awful lot. So be encouraged.
  2. It has a strong simple and consistent structure. As you are more than aware natural languages are not logical. Words can have two or more meanings. Sentence structure can be bent, changed or completely altered. In coding the structure is much simpler and more importantly it is consistent. This is also a challenge because you can’t get away with fudging it.
  3. There is a strong similarity across all the coding languages. They say once you understand how to code in one language you are ready to code in any language. This is mostly true in my experience. I have learned a number of coding languages and the concepts are transferable and some languages are almost identical. So you can start anywhere, but I have a few suggestions. More on that later when I talk about the different coding languages readily available.

So, do not under any circumstances be put off when you see some code and it looks ridiculously incomprehensible. You may be looking at some code that a real programmer has developed and then condensed and rearranged. You can start very, very simply. Learn a few words at a time, write small snippets at a time and build on it. You can do this.

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