1.1 A cake recipe

If you are making a cake you follow a recipe. The recipe includes a list of ingredients followed by the step by step instructions to make the cake. If you follow the recipe exactly (in the right order!) it should turn out just fine. 

This is how you learn to cook something. The important part is following the instructions. Starting at step 1 before moving onto step 2. If you miss out a step it can have quite a disastrous effect on the final product.

So too with coding. You are going to give your computer a set of instructions to do something specific. It will follow those steps in the order you give them. In simple terms it starts at the top (first line of code) and continues till it gets to the bottom (the last line of code). 

Depending on what you are making, e.g. a cake, a meal, bread or what have you. You will chose a relevant recipe. You will find a book (or website) that has that recipe in e.g. a book on soups if that is what you are making. The same is true of coding. What code you use depends on what you are trying to achieve. 

I am sure you are aware that with cooking, after a while, it becomes more instinctive, you get a feel for it, even when you try something completely new. So too with coding. The more you use it the more instinctive and intuitive it becomes.

The great thing about learning to code is that if you learn one programming language well then you can almost certainly pick up any other language. this is because the basics are pretty much the same. They may look different on the surface but the structure will have some very common features.