The Joy of Coding Course

This course covers a wide range of topics, it is suitable for any age from 8 to 80. It starts with the basics of creating shapes, using colour and animating the shapes through to more advanced aspects of coding. You work through the course of books one at a time building on your knowledge and experience as you go through the course.

For some of you doing only the first book ‘creating shapes and movement’ will be enough to get a real taste of coding. I am hoping that you don’t stop there but continue the journey of exploring this very creative field and open up a wonderful vista of possibilities. Just keep going, keep learning and you never know where the path will lead you.

Book 1 Creating Shapes & Movement

In book 1 this is where you start your coding journey one small step at a time. You begin with drawing some regular shapes and text. Once you have mastered creating and colouring the shapes then you can bring them to life and make them move. This section also shows you how can interact with the canvas using your mouse.

Book 2 Oscillations, Arrays & 3D Shapes

In book 2 you will cover a range of topics including arrays and oscillations. The use of arrays is a fundamental aspect of coding. They are a way of storing data than can be easily accessed and manipulated. Also in book 2 you will cover 3D shapes which allows you create in a 3D environment.

Book 3 Noise, Classes & Vectors

Book 3 introduces you to a type of random element called perlin noise. This is a smoother and more realistic form of randomness. The is an important ingredient in coding that goes by the name of Object Orientated Programming (OOP for short). It makes use of classes which is a powerful way of coding that many coding languages incorporate. The final part of book 3 covers vectors.

Book 4 Keyboard, Mouse & HTML

Book 4 covers a topic broadly called DOM elements that you might use in a website involving CSS, HTML and JavaScript. This section also covers more functionality available for the keyboard and the mouse. A brief look at how you can incorporate the time and date, and using the millis() function to measure the passage of time.

Book 5 Json, Promises & Arrow Functions

Book 5 is primarily about data files in the .json format. This covers how they are created and can be used. JavaScript makes good use of this data file type as do other coding languages. Before moving onto book 6 there are a few additional bits and pieces that cover useful functions like promise, the for/of loop and the arrow functions.

Book 6 Video & Images

Book 6 explores video and images. For this you will need a webcam, most machines have them built in. Using the webcam you can create and manipulate images and video. There is also a brief section on creating .png images that have a transparency.

Book 7 Sound and Music

Book 7 explores sound and music. For this you will need a microphone, most machines have them built in. You will be creating and graphing sound using the microphone and downloading free music from this you can create visualisation of the sounds and music.

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