About me

I have been a teacher for many years, Teaching Science and Technology at a High School in Derbyshire and then as a Primary teacher in various authorities across the North West. My degree was in Agricultural Engineering but my working experience has been mainly in education. More recently I have been helping to pastor a small church in Yorkshire as well as doing some life coaching in schools around the area. I now live in Devon. I have one wife, four children, three grandchildren and no pets.

I learned to code in my mid 50’s as a kind of hobby And it has grown to be more of a passion or obsession I’m not sure. I helped teach Computer Science at Harrogate Ladies College and ran coding classes at Harrogate Library and Barnstaple Library. All voluntary. There seem to a great hunger to understand what coding is especially from the adult population. This is what motivated me to start creating a curriculum that answered their question ‘what exactly is coding?’.

I have also helped at a Code Club and a CoderDojo club, as well as various other events and activities. So I am working on these areas of curriculum. With my latest interest in Artificial Intelligence being my main focus of learning, and it is quite a steep learning curve.


At the moment I have no funding stream except through the sales of books/ebooks etc. Below is a donate button if you would like to contribute. Money donated (purely optional) will help speed up progress. It would fund my time and energy given to this, it would provide resources: books, hardware, paid courses, travelling (where appropriate). Also I will consider when there is at least a broad curriculum seeking crowdfunding or financial support from tech (or otherwise) companies who want to invest directly into developing these skills in people. Above all I want it to be freely accessible but I am not naive to think that it is sustainable without some income.


You can buy the course in book form, eBook form or down load it as a pdf if you want to use it that way for clubs or schools. A video tutorial series has been produced (more to come) that is another way of accessing learning.

The Purpose

To give everyone an opportunity to learn to code. To give them the resources to start that are not only free or at least have a minimal cost. To make it easy to use avoiding the bewildering number of courses, online and otherwise. To help people for their own well being. To encourage creativity. To help people feel part of modern society. To give the young an opportunity to study coding in its many forms and purposes. To be enjoyable and fun. To work collaboratively and for the good of others.


If you would like to donate with either PayPal or with a card of your choice then please click on the button below. Every bit will help and be of encouragement to me.

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Gentle Introduction to Coding

If you are completely new to coding I have put together this short pdf article that you might find helpful. I covers the coding world in general and will give you a rough idea where to start.

Click here to download the pdf…