After completing the four sections covering the basics there are a number of other elements which you might find useful. They aren’t quite as basic but very useful and helpful if you want to develop your coding.

  • Part 1: video and images
  • Part 2: sound and music
  • Part 3: promises
  • Part 4: json

there is no order to them but if you want to have a play then the bits and bobs is quite interesting. I will add them as and when so keep a look out.

Additional Part 1 Video and Images

This part looks at how to use your video camera and manipulate the images to create special effects. Also how to create a png and then incorporate it into a sketch onto the canvas. Both these elements are useful for the games and artificial intelligence sections.

download videos and images pdf

Additional Part 2 Unit 1 playing music

This section explores sound and music. For this you will need a microphone, most machines have them built in. You will be creating and graphing sound using the microphone and downloading free music, and from this you can create visualisation of the sounds and/or music.

download playing music pdf

Additional Part 2 Unit 2 visualisation

Once you have access to a music file and the microphone you can use FFT to analyse and visualise the sounds and the music using graphs and colours and your imagination. This just gets you started and it would be wonderful to see what you can produce.

download visualisation pdf

Additional Part 3 promises

This covers a wide range of coding concepts based on higher level functions, including the arrow notation. This is not an easy section to navigate but it does give you insight into higher levels of the programming language. My recommendation is to work through these but not to worry about how much you understand. The practice will be invaluable if nothing else and exposing yourself to something you don’t understand is the first step to understanding.

download promises pdf

Additional Part 4 Json

Saving, loading or downloading data files is a huge part of coding. This section looks at a popular one for JavaScript the .Json file format. How to create your own, upload a pre-existing Json file and save data as a json file.

download json pdf

More to come shortly…