2.4 …and other stuff

We are all familiar with websites and apps. They are all created using code. We don’t think of the code that is buzzing behind the website and how the app works but they all need programmers (coders) to make them work, and keep working. They don’t just happen. 

Computer games also are heavily dependant on code. No matter how simple or graphically demanding the game is, whether something like Angry Birds or Call of Duty. If you love gaming why not make your own game there are real possibilities to do this. Learning to code will give you that opportunity. 

Big Data is where code (mainly Artificial Intelligence) is used to number crunch vast amounts of data coming from millions of computers and smartphones. Data scientists  try to make sense of it using powerful tools. 

One area that is helping people is in the area of medicine. Where the software can help doctors identify serious problems that they might otherwise miss. Remember computers can work relentlessly, they don’t need a tea break and don’t get tired. It reduces human error. 

Computers don’t replace humans but code can make clever use of computing power to help and aid us. It is nothing to fear in itself as long it is used as a tool that can (and should) be used for good. There is however one small problem. There are too few programmers. Too few people who are prepared to use coding for the common good. 

This is where you could come in and make use of technology in such a way to improve the lives of many people. Coding offers that opportunity and a fun way to do it. If you need a job or a career change then I cannot recommend learning this skill. 

If you say that you are more artistic, creative, then coding is also definitely for you so why not give it a go and create something wonderful.