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Artificial Intelligence

This page will look at Artificial Intelligence in a broad way through a series of blog posts. Eventually it will morph into something more curriculum based. The reason for this is so that much of the mysticism is removed. It is a huge and growing field that is very bewildering even for seasoned programmers and coders let alone beginners. Yet despite this it isn’t a bad place to start even if you have never coded before but I would encourage you to have some grasp of the concepts behind coding (look at my Learn to Code series), however I think you can learn as you go along.

AI #1 A brief overview

Artificial Intelligence is a broad term that covers a wide range of disciplines. You might have heard of them... Machine Learning Teachable Machines Deep Learning Reinforcement Learning Artificial Neural Networks Data Science They all mean different things. It can be confusing in what sounds and looks like a very mysterious world. Many feel that it is a threat, that robots will take over, that machines will make decisions for us and take control our lives. There is quite a lot of fear, most of it misguided but some of it needs to be addressed. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the [...]

AI #2 what is it?

The bottom line is it is the use of technology, machines, computing, coding to solve complex problems with advances in processor speed, and improvements in coding architecture. Artificial Intelligence is generally referred to machines imitating humans. It is an overarching phrase that is used (or over used) predominantly by media outlets.

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