Python is a user friendly programming code which means it is a higher level language. That doesn’t mean you can type anything and it will guess what you are trying to get it to do. It does mean that the vocabulary and syntax used is more akin to our daily language.

Python is used in a broad range of applications. From games, to website building, physical computing and big data usage. So if you want to only learn one language to do everything I don’t think you can go far wrong with Python.

If you dive into coding with python you will see that there are two versions python 2 and python 3. Python 3 is an upgrade from python 2 and they are pretty similar but they are different to such an extent that some programmes that run on python 2 won’t work in python 3 and vice versa.

The Raspberry Pi makes good use of Python. The two go together very well. Below is a bit of code (script) to have a look at. A good place to start is