23 08, 2019

#1 Internet of Things

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The Particle Photon connects with the Internet and communicates with another Particle Photon, a website or an app on a smartphone. Data can go both ways. You can turn a light on in your house with your phone or you can see what the temperature is in your living room in real time. These are just simple examples.

23 08, 2019

The importance of IoT

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Learning about IoT is so important. There is so much hype and mistrust and yet the technology is there to bring so much benefit to people. Just like AI it is time for people with good motives to take the centre ground and find ways to use technology for the benefit of everyone.

22 07, 2019

The fear of AI

By |2019-11-04T14:27:55+00:0022nd July 2019|AI, IoT|

There is a lot of scaremongering about Artificial Intelligence, 5G and the Internet of Things. These technologies are powerful tools for good and can of course be abused. Make it your aim to use them for good, to benefit society or an individual. Compassion wins every time. Don’t let the desire for money, power or influence drive you, be a blessing to others and everyone benefits

27 03, 2018

Particle Photon

By |2018-03-27T10:21:01+00:0027th March 2018|Hardware, IoT, Particle Photon|

The Particle Photon sounds like something from an electron accelerator but it is a great little board for learning how to create Internet of Things (IoT) projects. Particle is the company who makes it and Photon is the name of this model. If you buy one make sure you get one with headers soldered on (they usually do). Through this device you connect it to your home WiFi and it connects to a website. From that website you can either [...]

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