12 09, 2018

Downloading the Software

By |2018-09-12T08:51:29+00:0012th September 2018|Processing|

To get started you will need to download the software. It is free. It is open source which means it is managed by volunteers. Go to www.processing.org and download the software for your computer from there. When you have downloaded it you will get an icon similar to this on your desktop (or wherever you downloaded it). Next step is to click on it, open it up and start typing your code in. To see the effect you click on [...]

8 09, 2018

Processing: general introduction

By |2018-09-08T07:30:47+00:008th September 2018|Processing|

Welcome to the module on the Processing Computer Language (or code). This is an introduction to the first Unit in Module A. Coding isn’t as hard as you might think but neither is it easy. It will take time, practice and effort. You will learn best by doing, experimenting and playing around with code to see what happens. The more you do this the more you get a feel for how this works. There is no real alternative expect to [...]

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