This is wonderful beauty of coding it is very logical. That also means it can be very pedantic and unforgiving. You can make a silly mistake, like missing a semicolon or a bracket somewhere or not using a capital letter where there should be one and so on. it can take a while to track down the culprit. Although most editors (where you type your code) will alert you to the problem and where it might be.

This does mean that you have to be disciplined. You can’t write just anything and hope for the best that it understands what you mean, saying that having an educated guess is certainly fine, it is part of how you can learn but on the whole you will have to be careful in your coding if you are not wanting to spend hours debugging (finding the cause of the problem).

This is what ends up being very appealing to people who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves logical or mathematical. Even if you cast yourself as a creative type you use logical all day every day. You will use logic even in your most creative endeavours. Once you learn the skills, the syntax, the structure you are then free to express yourself however you want. It is very liberating and rewarding. If you think you aren’t a creative person, trust me, everyone is creative, maybe not as a painter, or a sculpture or an actor etc but we are by design.

This does require some application. You need to persist even when you might be pulling your hair out. The challenge is how do you make the code do something you want. That is the mental process. Breaking it down into smaller steps, or levels upon levels building it up. So have a go and express yourself.

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