The plan has changed a lot over the last few months as I have refined it continually. I am settling on this for now. I am learning as I write it. It will cover the basics of coding without any equipment or components using Processing which is ‘open source’ which means it is free (although you can donate).

Then move onto the Arduino Uno and using C++ to look at physical computing and robotics. This then connects with processing so that you have a visual element and more processing power.

This then moves onto the Internet of Things using the Particle Photon. Starting to understand machine to machine concept in a very simple way. Bringing robotics and IoT together to complete the cycles as it were.

Finally to look at Artificial Intelligence in as simple a way as possible without getting into heavy maths or complicated programming. Relating it to something physical (robotics) so that you can see what is happening and why. Ultimately want to develop a walking robot that learns how to walk all by itself, just like a child does.

If you are interested in this curriculum let me know. I want to make it freely available so it might benefit others.