Gallery for Learning to Code

Browse the gallery to see examples that I or other people have made. Think of these are digital doodles. The challenge of coding is to create something unique. Have an idea and then work out how you are going to solve it. That is using your brain creatively. Explore, learn through doing the impossible. You can code, you just don’t know it yet. Be willing to learn and don’t be afraid to fail.

Just playing

Changes colour when there is an overlap

Noise Wave

This is a random wave created by using noise() function

Maze Creator

This is a random maze creator from ‘The Coding Train – Maze Challenge by Dan Shiffman’ 

The Random Rambler

The rambler wanders randomly around the screen

Bubble sort

This is a bubble sort program. it generates 10 random numbers between 0 and 100, then sorts them in order of size

Rotating Gun Turret

This isn’t a full game yet but shows the possibilities of a game with a rotating gun turret. Use the left arrow and right arrow keys to rotate the turret and the space bar to fire

Lerp Game

Use the up, down, left and right arrow keys to catch all the red balls and avoid being caught

Ballon game

You move the shooter using the left and right arrow keys and fire by pressing control

This game was created by Roger while attending the Adult Code at Harrogate Library on a Thursday morning


This is a version of the simple pong game, use your mouse to move the paddle up and down. You are competing against the computer. When the score reaches 0, you win, 20, the computer wins.

Bézier Perlin Noise

The string is alive!

Perlin Vertex

Let the shape ballet begin

Random Art

Let your imagination run wild

The Rambling Colours

Watch what happens as it rambles all over the screen

Slider Colour Changer

Use the sliders to change the colour of the circle

Variable Stars and a cog

Use the sliders to change the size, number of points and their speed


click on the canvas to create some ripples

Circle of time

The small circles represent the current time in hours, minutes and seconds

Rotating Cube

A rotating cube using webgl. This is a simple example of how to bring a 3D shape to life

Whirling boxes

3D shapes rotating around each other with a light source

Shimmering circles

Circles randomly oscillating

Wobbly does it

100 wobbly circles randomly wobbling

The overlap

Using sine and cosine to map out the movement to create a balletic movement

Simply Draw

Variation on the Simply Paint, this time you can draw lines in colour

Simply Paint

Click on the coloured circles then draw on the black canvas. Click clear to start again. Simple.

Random Vertex

Randomly generated shape