2.2 Internet of Things

the Internet of Things (or IoT for short) is the means of using the internet for machines to communicate with each other. It can be called Machine to Machine (M2M). An example is one you are familiar with – sending an email. It goes from one machine to another by using the internet. 

Because of the widespread use of smartphones, social media, the World Wide Web there is so much data available. Also more and more machines are available to control things and interact. for instance, you can control the heating in your house, switch lights on and off. These are simple examples and is only the start of the revolution that is to come. 

Where IoT comes into its own is when everything is connected. When it knows that you are nearly home, it can put the heating on for you so that it is just right when you go through the door and switches the outside light on as you drive up to the house. 

For the near future there could be the situation where the fridge will order something you are running out of – say milk. When it combines with AI it will start to recognise patterns of behaviour even you aren’t aware of and make adjustments. 

For IoT to work well and connect everything it needs to be fast, reliable and everywhere. This is where 5G is going to have such an impact and why governments are being so cautious. It will transform the way we interact with the world around us quite dramatically and code is at the heart of this technology. 

So if you are interested in exploring these possibilities then you can already do that simply and cheaply. Learn to code and purchase some inexpensive kit and you will be away.