1.3 It is so very logical

The beauty, the fun and the simplicity of coding is that it is inherently logical. Almost to the point of being pedantic. Miss a comma out and you may well find that nothing works and you can spend several days searching for the cause. 

It requires discipline and application. By this I mean you can’t just write anything and hope it will work. The maxim – ‘I know what I mean’ – just won’t work. You have to be precise. You have to follow a logical, step by step, approach whether it is a piece of digital art, a game or a gadget. 

This is what is so appealing. We are all logical beings even if you are convinced that you are the creative and artistic type. Everyone is creative and everyone is able to understand logic. It is also a good mind discipline, brain gym etc. You have to be equally creative and purely logical at the same time. 

Coding is the tool to create whatever you want to create. So if you want an interactive, all singing, all dancing  website or to control a robot on the other side of the world (or off world!) coding is at the heart of what you are doing. 

So even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly logical person you can discover your inner logic. Once you start to understand the process you will quickly start creating through playing. As you play and experiment you may get addicted but that is part of the fun of learning. if you are willing to persist, and not give up and enjoy working out why something didn’t turn out as you thought, then coding is for you.