3.4 P5.js

This is not a separate language, it is a JavaScript library means you can use the power of JavaScript to learn how to code in an easy and engaging way. This is my language of choice when I teach people how to code. It is great with adults of all ages, with teenagers and with primary age children. My experience is that they absolutely love it. 

You will too if you would but have a go. But a word of warning, it is quite addictive and fun. You will be in danger of having your creativity stimulated. However, just learning to code is just the tip of the iceberg as far as coding goes, there is so much you can do and create with p5.js. 

Through using this free resource you can learn to code well in a matter of minutes. It is why I, as an educator, just love it. It was created by artists for artists who are now exploring Machine Learning with it, there really isn’t much out there that is better. 

Most languages were created with a specific use in mind but they can often do many, many tasks. Python may well be one of the most versatile and quickest to use because so many people have invested in it. 

With p5.js it is possible to have a great interface where you might control a robot on the other side of the world. You can display data from sensors in a creatively and graphically. It is open source and supported by volunteers who give their time freely.  

There is also a wealth of online tutorials available (see ‘the coding train’). This is my recommended code of choice, it can be as challenging or easy as you want to make it. Below is a bit of code to draw a circle to show you the simplicity of it. Please have a go, learn to code and have fun in the process. 

function setup() 


  createCanvas(800, 600)

  background(255, 0, 0)


function draw() 


  circle(300, 300, 100)