The Particle Photon sounds like something from an electron accelerator but it is a great little board for learning how to create Internet of Things (IoT) projects. Particle is the company who makes it and Photon is the name of this model. If you buy one make sure you get one with headers soldered on (they usually do).

Through this device you connect it to your home WiFi and it connects to a website. From that website you can either download data or control things using web based code (HTM/CSS/JavaScript etc) or you could do the same with another Photon (called a buddy system)

You can read any data it sends from a dashboard that you log into. You code the Photon with a code language identical to C++. So if you are familiar with coding an Arduino then you will be right at home with the Photon. It is a natural next step. One slight (and could be significant) difference is that it only operates on 3.3volts and not 5volts. For most things that is not a problem and there are ways round it.

You set it up using an app on your smartphone. Relatively simple and easy.