4.4 Particle Photon

This is included because it is a great place to start learning about the Internet of Things. It is easy to use and all the web stuff is taken care of. That doesn’t mean this is just an educational toy it is meant for commercial use and it can be scaled up and used in real life applications. 

The main coding language is C++ and it behaves very much like a mini Arduino Uno. it connects to the internet either through a local network (i.e. your house) or you can have a mobile (cellular) version whereby you use the mobile phone network. 

One example could be to monitor the air and soil conditions of a greenhouse, record and transmit them to a website. Which means you can be in full control. You could use it to automate and monitor your house and so on. 

The benefit of learning p5.js is that you can use that code to collect data from the proton and also control it with a web based system from anywhere in the world from any computer.