3.2 Python

Often used in secondary schools to teach coding, usually for GCSE Computer Science. It is a user friendly language, simple and clear. It is one of the most popular, general purpose languages around. One that I would recommend learning at some time. 

It is used by scientists, engineers and data scientists. It has many very serious applications especially in the area of Artificial Intelligence. However, and I know many would disagree, I don’t think it is the perfect place to start, but I do believe it is essential to learn. 

It is a particularly high level language which means that it is designed with ordinary humans in mind and for that reason it is popular and growing in popularity. There are a vast number of books and online tutorials you can access and is probably the most common one you will come across if you search for a language to learn. 

Even though I highly recommend you learn it, I still think there is a better one (I will explain in a minute). So if you are a mathematician, scientist or engineer this has to be your goto language to learn. But if you want to just get into coding it isn’t where I recommend you start, I will leave it at that. Here is some example code that sorts five random numbers in order of size. 

n = 5

def bubbleSort(array, n):

    while n > 1:

        for i in range (0, n – 1):

            if array[i] > array[i + 1]:

                temp = array[i]

                array[i] = array[i + 1]

                array[i + 1] = temp

        n = n – 1

array = [54, 26, 93, 17, 77]


bubbleSort(array, n)