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Quick Taster

If you are not sure whether this is for you or not then try the quick taster. All you need to do is download the PDF and print off or click and see it in your web browser.  Click on the images opposite to download the pdf. For the pdf of the code you can either use it as a split screen or better still print it out so that you can use it to enter your code.

PDF download to whet your appetite.

WorkBook 1

Easy way to Learn to Code. The first workbook eases you gently in. It assumes you have never coded before.

Just the code for WorkBook 1

WorkBook 2

WorkBook 2 builds on WorkBook 1. It offers more creative tools to create dynamic works of digital art and further your knowledge and understanding of coding

Just the code for WorkBook 2 pdf

The flower png used in unit #12 adding images

The background jpeg to be used in unit #12 adding images

WorkBook 3

WorkBook 3 introduces Object Orientated Programming. This explores objects and classes in programming. It assumes you have completed workbooks 1 and 2 but still for those who are very new to coding. Object Orientated Programming (OOP) is used extensively across most programming languages and applications. It will enhance your coding, your art creations or game development.

Free pdf to be used with Book 3 if you want just the code to work from.