This is a simple introduction to the world of robotics. It is more than a robotic arm or a driverless car but encompasses sensors, motors and displays. I have used the generic name robotics mainly because I can’t think of a better one. So we will covering different kinds of sensors (and there are a lot), a few different types of displays and motors. There is some overlap with the Internet of Things module as they are basically the same.

This module uses the Arduino Uno as the main board. It is inexpensive and designed specifically to used in teaching coding. So that is what we will use and will lay the foundation for all that is covered in this unit. All the items used are easily and readily available. Let your imagination run wild with what you can achieve, create or invent. There really is no limit and wealth of resources that are freely accessible to help you along the way.

Arduino – Getting Started

It is important that you read through this PDF before starting the WorkBooks. It will give you useful advice and instructions before you get started. If you are very familiar with Arduino and building circuits then you could miss this one.

Download the PDF

Learn Arduino Workbook 1

This pdf introduces you gently to the world of micro-electronics using the world famous Arduino Uno. It focusses on the code initially to get you up to speed with the coding language used C/C++. It is very straightforward and intuitive.

Download PDF

Learn Arduino Workbook 2

This pdf will build on Workbook 1 introducing more components that make this a fascinating topic to learn.

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OLED display

Using a potential divider (pot), also called a variable resistor to display the value of the pot as you turn it with a screwdriver.

Traffic Lights

The Arduino Uno is a handy little micro-controller that is immensely popular the world over. Here it controls the traffic light operation switching the LEDs on in sequence. Read more…

Dot Matrix

Four 8×8 dot matrix connected to an Arduino Uno flashing randomly. Read more…