This is a simple introduction to the world of robotics. It is more than a robotic arm or a driverless car but encompasses sensors, motors and displays. I have used the generic name robotics mainly because I can’t think of a better one. So we will covering different kinds of sensors (and there are a lot), a few different types of displays and motors. There is some overlap with the Internet of Things module as they are basically the same.

This module uses the Arduino Uno as the main board. It is inexpensive and designed specifically to used in teaching coding. So that is what we will use and will lay the foundation for all that is covered in this unit. All the items used are easily and readily available. Let your imagination run wild with what you can achieve, create or invent. There really is no limit and wealth of resources that are freely accessible to help you along the way.

Robotics with the Arduino Uno

There are currently five parts in progress:

  • Robotics Part 1: getting to know the code
  • Robotics Part 2: introducing some components
  • Robotics Part 3: serial communication and processing
  • Robotics Part 4: building a driverless robotic car
  • Robotics Part 5: plant environmental care

Each part is split into units

Robotics Part 1 Unit 1 Hello World!

Usually in coding circles the hello world is a reference to the very first thing you do when learning to code or code a new language. In this case it is a matter of making an LED blink. Although there is a built in LED already I think you might as well get used to connecting components to your Arduino Uno and a really great component is the traffic lights LED. This is a module which means there is no soldering and there is no need to connect resistors as that is all built in. Later on you might want to break things down into smaller components and learn to solder onto a board. But for now I want to get you coding as well as gently introducing you to a basic component.

Robotics Part 1 Unit 2 Functions

Functions are a critical in coding and this unit introduces you to them in terms of flashing LEDs which as a principle will apply to anything else component wise. There are no more components that you need just the traffic light you have already rigged up.

Robotics Part 1 Unit 3 Random & Arrays

Introducing random and arrays. Arrays are another very important part of coding in whatever language you are using. This shows you have to create, store and retrieve using arrays as well a brief introduction to random numbers.

Robotics Part 1 Unit 4 Boolean Logic

You may or may not have heard of Boolean Logic but it is another fundamental component in coding, very useful even though the principle is very easy. Don’t be put off by the title it is almost as simple as off and on, true or false, 1 or 0.

Robotics Part 1 Unit 5 Traffic Lights

This unit covers using all three LEDs and introduces you to a little more complexity where you might be controlling more than one component or receiving data from more than one sensor. Again it is all covers with the three LED traffic light and furthers your understanding of coding the Arduino Uno and Robotics in general.

More to come shortly…