3.1 Scratch

This is used in primary schools and code clubs to teach children how to code without the need to type words. This is a very powerful coding language in its own right and is quite brilliant and fun. This has been aimed at children in particular, to introduce them to the fundamentals of coding. 

It uses blocks, you drag and drop them to connect them together to make something happen. This means you don’t have to learn the language as such. It is user friendly and a great place to start, simply head over to their website (www.scratch.mit.edu) and start coding online. 

It will help you understand the structure of code and its many functions without having to do any typing. Scratch 3 is web based, free and easily accessible. I would recommend that if it is for a young child that they go along to a code club in a library (or wherever). There will be people who can help them get started. 

There are lots of tutorials that you can download and use. It is fun and a great place to start for young and old but it is aimed mainly at the young but there are so many powerful features that it will stretch anyone. 

If you search for scratch you should find it no problem or search for code club as they have some tutorials too.