4. The Micro-Controller

An area of coding which is equally brilliant if you wan to learn to code is in the world of physical computing, some might call it the ‘maker’ sector.  Most of the above coding is screen based, meaning you type the code into a computer and it happens only on the screen. Physical computing is more to do with motors, displays and sensors. 

This is the wonderful world of the micro-controller. You may have heard of the Raspberry Pi, which is more of a micro-computer than a micro-controller (it is both). It isn’t the most popular micro-controller, that position is held by the Arduino Uno. Another popular one that has recently appeared is the micro:bit. 

If you are after learning about the Internet of Things then the Particle Photon is a great place to start. But getting ahead of ourselves here. There is still a wide (and often bewildering choice of micro-controller) so I will take you four main ones for you. Again, these are based on my opinion. 

  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Arduino Uno
  3. Micro:Bit
  4. Particle Photon

They all have useful websites and books dedicated to them. Over time I hope to have simple guides to get you started as they are all great but for different reasons.