The Micro:bit is a humble little board. It is just about the same size as a credit card and is just about the best thing to use to get into coding if you have never done it before. You don’t even need to but one (£10-£15) because you can see a virtual one on their website and then clicking let’s code.

The place to start is ‘JavaScript Blocks Editor’ which is a very user friendly way to code. It can’t get any more user friendly. You test your code with the emulator (virtual micro:bit) and off you go. I would recommend getting one as it is good to code something that you can end up holding the results.

The micro:bit was created by the BBC, yes the world famous broadcasting station. It wanted to encourage children to learn to code by making something happen in the real world rather than just on the screen. Every 12 year old child in the country was given one at school. That is quite amazing. So you see that it is quite a machine. It includes LEDs, buttons and sensors. There is a lot you can learn from this humble little machine.