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The aim of this website and the material provided is to encourage people to learn how to code. Although aimed at adults it is also brilliant for older children. So many people want to know what coding is, what it is about, what it looks like etc. This course tries to answer those questions by showing you in an easy to learn manner. You will not be expected to have ever coded before. The software is free, nothing to download, nothing to sign up for. You can do it on a laptop, PC, tablet or even a smartphone. All you need is a wifi connection and you are good to go. This is your chance to dip your toe in the wonderful world of coding.

Part 1: The Basics

In this book you will cover the following:

Getting started

Unit #1 Let’s get coding

Unit #2 Move Randomly

Unit #3 Keyboard & Mouse

Unit #4 Mapping Time

Unit #5 Translate & Rotate

Unit #6 Arrays

You will learn how to draw different shapes, colour them in and animate them. Interacting with the keyboard, use date and time functions and an introduction to arrays.

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Part 2: Intermediate

In this book you will cover the following:

Unit #7  Oscillate

Unit #8  3D shapes

Unit #9  3D Light & Colour

Unit #10 Bézier & The Vertex

Unit #11 Noise & HTML

Unit #12 Adding images

This part covers 3D shapes and lighting them. An introduction to something called perlin noise (a sort of nicer random), Bézier curves, HTML buttons and slider, and how to add images.

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Part 3: Advanced

In this book you will cover the following:

Unit #13 Objects

Unit #14 Classes

Unit #15 Constructor Functions

Unit #16 Fading Objects

Unit #17 Deleting Objects

Unit #18 Vectors

This part covers Object Orientated Programming. It is nothing to be scared of, it is simply a way of programming using what you have learned in the previous two parts and making it more efficient.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

An Elegant Solution

This section is all about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Teachable Machines. This is a very current topic at the moment and will be for years to come. It is a very exciting, fascinating field of research that is now increasingly accessible by anyone. It is now possible to learn about this without the need to understand complex maths or extensive coding experience. This is a great time to learn whatever your reason. to read more click on the button below and get started. This is part of my journey (and it continues) from a complete novice and as a teacher.

Python: Using Keras and TensorFlow in python with the help of Google Colab, Numpy, Matplotlib, and other libraries. 

JavaScript: This will build on anything you have leaned above with p5.js with the addition of ML5.js which is TensorFlow.js in disguise. 

So, whatever you are comfortable with there will be something for you.

Journey into AI