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The Happy Coder

The aim of this website and the material provided is to encourage people to learn how to code. Although aimed at adults it is also brilliant for older children. So many people want to know what coding is, what it is about, what it looks like etc. This course tries to answer those questions by showing you in an easy to learn manner. You will not be expected to have ever coded before. The software is free, nothing to download, nothing to sign up for. You can do it on a laptop, PC, tablet or even a smartphone. All you need is a wifi connection and you are good to go. This is your chance to dip your toe in the wonderful world of coding.

Download A1 PDF

Section A1 Shapes and Mouse

This covers the first three units

#1 Shapes

#2 Movement

#3 Mouse

Download A2 PDF

Section A2 Arrays and Rotate

This covers the following units

#4 Translate

#5 Arrays

#6 Oscillate

#7 3D Shapes

Download A3 PDF

Section A3 OOPs and Vectors

This covers the following units

#8 Noise

#9 Classes

#10 Vectors

Download A4 PDF

Section A4 Sound and Vision

This covers the following units

#11 Video

#12 Sound

Download B1 pdf

Section B1 Flappy Bird

This section covers the making of the game ‘Flappy Bird’

Basic game

Mobile version

Adding images